And it usually happens that, after a climax, a culmination of whatever kind, the being –both biologically and psychologically –in order to keep those two expressions for our understanding for the time being- tends to decline. It declines, as if showing a graph that ascends, culminates, descends and descends... a lot, and little by little it ascends again...

What the Prayerful Sense asks us is: Is this so, or is this something that the organisational, powerful and influential sense of the different generations has been developing?

And it is legitimate to consider this, since there are living systems that from the beginning are –when they are constituted as such- in processes that culminate, and remain in culmination, except, indeed, for events outside their organisation that seriously disturb their structures and their dynamics.

The largest structural living being –not only in size but in biodiversity- on the planet is the coral reef. And do you know? It has remained for an infinite amount of time with a growing, lavish, impressive evolutionary development. When it has come to deteriorate, it has not been because it was time to deteriorate, no, it has been due to the incidental, destructive, corrosive and contaminating action of human beings. Nevertheless, there are still... more or less important reefs that try to survive.

This macro-example could be considered like humanity. Yes, it is home to a biodiversity so vast, so balanced, so dynamic and so creative, that it could well be the behaviour of our species: dynamic, creative, expansive, novel...

It would seem, when this reference is promoted, that it is inevitable –inevitable- that, upon reaching a certain level of expression, it sometimes declines to much lower, very vulgar levels. These processes are even called "laws of life". And even admitting the so-called "fatigue," in the recuperative time one cannot –the Prayerful Sense tells us- fall into the vulgarity that preceded us in the ascent to the climax, much less below!, since that period of rest is a period of recreation, of evaluation, of assessment, of proposition, of proposals. Then follows the culmination. With other dynamics, no doubt, with other ‘rhythms’, but not... not with a ‘decalage’ of "already"; of frustration, finally.

It seems as if a rhythm of triumph and failure has been introduced into the species, and in order to triumph again one must start from failure; and in order to be healthy one must first be very sick; and in order to taste peace one must first generate war.

What... what "law of life" is that? Does the sun go out at night? No. It is the earth that flirts with its reference.

Isn't it true that we begin autumn, and simultaneously spring as well?

No truce, no pause! There is permanent culmination. And thanks to that, the Universe is maintained, expressed, shown. Every day, astronomical observers, astrophysicists, tell us such unpredictable news as saying: "This could not happen", as recently the hatching or the communion of two black holes that produced a gravitational wave millions of years ago, and it has come around here. No, that could not be true.

Well it is.

Man, in his minuscule conscience, when he focuses on "knowledge-power", pretends –and succeeds, but by repression-... he manages to establish laws, commandments, ordinances; and at the same time he is sapiens he considers himself wild and brutal, because he affirms that if it is not so... one could not live, one could not be: without laws, without rules, without articles! That's why it surprises them, astrophysicists included –who should have, supposedly, an unpredictable capacity for wonder- that something happens that was not foreseen, that defies the laws. What laws?

Yes, it is true that there are some rhythms and variables. But, although much emphasis is placed on the origin of the Universe "just because", when situations are posed, they do not... do not add up.

Just one detail, since astrophysics is mentioned: The Prayerful Sense reminds us that everything was einsteinianly foreseen for the Universe to expand, but then there was a force of contraction and a balance was maintained. A magnificent law to make us all stiff as a stalactite or a stalagmite. A cool... model!

But the "cool" model of statism, even though admitting that it expands and contracts, has been undone. Yes, there is no way to find enough centripetal or contraction force or energy. There is no way to find it. The only thing that is expressed is an ever stronger expansion, ever more exponentially rapid.

 It does not fit the law!

If we have even more controversial laws among humanity: in war, killing an enemy or enemies means a medal, a medal on your chest, a decoration. But when peace comes, if you kill an enemy you get jail, life imprisonment or execution.

And you say: "But the event was the same, wasn't it?".

Yes, but in one case it was rage, the country, the defence, the attack... And in the other case it was already like this, that, that... that no... that yes.

Probably –probably- if the killers in prison could be recycled, if they could be recycled and take them in time to times of war, they would be heroes.

What a thing, right? What's the law?

The Prayerful Sense is... throbbing, lawless!

Moses needed some tablets, to give them some laws that were nothing new, but there is a peculiarity! There were two opportunities. On the first, we never knew what the laws were like. Moses' pride and vanity –according to the story- crashed them into the Golden Fleece. Then he had to come back, and then he was given some poor quality tablets. Yes, yes, tablets that everyone already knew.

These were not new. The "you shall love the Lord with all your might"... it was already known! The "thou shalt not kill", the "thou shalt not covet another man's goods", etc., what did they bring?  

Today it is still venerated as "The Law".

It would be curious to see who it was... –not to point him out- it would be curious to know who the first man was who invented –he invented, no; "invention" is something-, who thought to dominate Creation, the Creator Mystery, the Divine, and began to speak of "divine laws".

Do you really believe that –so, among us- God has laws? Is he a jurisprudential hierarch who points out articles...? As we have seen in a very small way, this Creation offers us a tremendous disappointment to our wisdom: we know nothing! The laws are being pulverized.

By referring to Creation as "the Creator Mystery", it is shown in these words –"Creator Mystery"- as something that is outside our consciousness. But be aware: outside in terms of wisdom, but deep inside in terms of experience. This gives us... a liberating sense. We do not resort to laws.

We listen to the feeling, we perceive the flow of coincidences, surprises, unexpected events, luck...; the development of goodness, respect, coexistence, permanent creativity. None of it obeys laws! All of this is a product of inspiration; of the inspiration of Creation!

Of that LOVE that makes us BORN, that gives us the vigilant awakening... luminous.

To incorporate the permanent expansive and novel creativity of each vigil, of each dawn...; and to discover, in the apparent... –"apparent", but one must be in that attitude- discovering, in that apparent moment of repetition, that it is not such a repetition, that there are details, samples, images...; and with the attitude of knowing ourselves in another place of the Universe, in another moment of the amorous escalation...; and to feel that all this implies us!... it is Creative goodness.

 It is... new complaisance.

It is... Incessant piety that renews itself every moment and gives us transcendence.

The Prayerful Sense shows us, with our corresponding attitude and attention, how the aroma of the day is different, how the consciousness has another awakening, how the attitude of imagination, of listening... is different.

By contemplating our position, we become aware of our variables. Those that make us permanently creative. Those that lead us to situations where, in theory, we don't know what to say!... But we must know where to look, where to ask.

Because there is no apparent –"apparent"- hardship that does not have its divine answer, adequate to the moment, appropriate to the circumstances.

The Eternal, in its indefatigable care, attention and... halo towards life, does not subject life to a dead end. It rushes life, yes, it courts it, it imprisons it, it leads it to the precipice, but it does not push it. And if it does, it doesn't let life hit itself in the fall.

Therefore, when we feel this awareness of innovation, every day, we know that every circumstance that can overwhelm or immobilise us has its appropriate response. And we will look for it and find it, because it will find us.

Certainly, as long as we are so disposed.

The saying goes “God squeezes but doesn’t strangle”.

The Creator Mystery, from its deep darkness, illuminates… us. In Its Prayerful Sense, it... enlightens us.

And it is eager to pick us up in its arms, to enfold our being. And so, to feel sheltered, helped, cared for. And consequently to have this libertarian attitude. Like a child when it plays, jumps and runs: it is not aware, without a doubt, of its father's or mother's envelopment, that they are alert of any contingency, but that is how it is.

When the being reaches maturity it is progressively aware that its games, its jumps... are guarded by a Creative Mystery, by a loving Inspiration.

And in knowing this!, the being moves like that infant. But now it does so with the consciousness that it will find the right thing, express itself in the new, believe in its resources, will seek and will be found.



Bønnen som vi praktiserer er ikke forbundet til noen bestemt religion. Vi tror at bønnen kan være et frigjørende og helbredende instrument som har Skapelsen, de forskjellige kreftene som besjeler oss, uten at vi setter et eller annet navn på dette. Troen på at bønnen er et uunnværlig element for oss, har fått oss til å danne et sted som utelukkende brukes til bønn; ”Casa del Sonido de la Luz”,( huset for lysets lyd.) Det ligger i Baskerland, Vizcaya. Der holdes det samlinger med bønn, og man kan også tilbringe dager med tilbaketrekning der.


“La Casa del Sonido de la Luz” ARGI DOINU ETXEA se encuentra en la localidad de Ea, Vizcaya. Un espacio abierto para los alumnos de la Escuela Neijing, los cuales pueden realizar estancias de 1 a 5 días.


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