The Prayerful Call speaks to us of a sprouting emigration of its Mystery, to create what we call “life”.

We emigrate from the Creative Mystery, evolving towards an unfathomable… biodiversity.

And in that emigration, we become nomads in consciousness and in steps.

And little by little we become pilgrims in consciousness, in permanence, in transcendence.

And this is how we detach ourselves from the yoke of the material... and we discover that it is not a trap, but a concentrate of breaths that make up a landscape: the vital landscape.

And to the extent that we assume these positions, our deal with the concrete, pressed, tight, is done –our deal- through those attractions, those “forces”… –let's call it that- that allow the compact, that seek the concrete.

We get our consciousness to diversify in expansion.

And this is how we become discoverers of universes, and not slaves of... "concretes".

We stop worshiping the “Baals”, the idols, to be in the transcendence of the created, diversified and in constant expansion, which implies discovering, learning, being amazed, admiring, falling in love, loving.

In these positions, from the genesis of the outbreak of emigrants of the Mystery, to the progressive expansion, if we incorporate this into our daily living and doing, we will dissolve the atavisms of responsibilities, perfections, demands, fears, punishments... All that conglomerate of oppressed consciences, which are oppressed by a conception, an idea.

That, by incorporating this emigration, this expansion, we will do –and will be- with a creative, rhythmic, accurate attitude... without the obsession with truth, perfection, and without the fear of our own nature. Those personal hedonisms that “I am not”, that “I do not do”, that “I cannot”…, these blames, are vain hedonisms.

If we accept ourselves as pilgrims, nomads, emigrants, sprouts of the Mystery in permanent evolution, there is no room for prominence or stalking over our nature.

We assume our position, our development; and, by discovering other coordinates like the ones we hear now, we will be able to vary... our concepts, our principles, our truths...

How ugly they are, are they not? Yes!

When people say: “Because that is my truth, because…”, how ugly! That is, they want to look like gods or goddesses, and they make themselves hateful, hateful.

A little genetic swap-change, and the truth is seen.

Yes. There is no reason to be ugly with our own truths, established dogmas...

We don't have enough charisma for that.

Therefore, by transforming ourselves into gods –with truths, with certainties, with all those things-… we make each other hateful; because, of course, everyone has their own, and then... the one that matches mine is fine, but the one that doesn't...

We are emanations subject to the higher Goodness of the Creative Mystery which, through Love, makes us dawn.

None is lesser or worse than others. Each being occupies a position, always with liberating capacities in their different positions, supported and animated by the loving gel of Creation.

And if we take this into account in our daily life, criticism, opinion, gaze, gesture, etc., stop... stop tormenting us! And, consequently, that pressure, that insidiousness, that bullying –which is said now days- dissolves; it gives way, as soon as one does not show any appreciation. It is true that saying that “the best contempt is not to show any appreciation”.

As soon as they call you “ugly,” and you respond “thanks to that you are pretty”, well, you already disarm the character, right?

.- But you are very ugly.

  He says:

.-Of course! For you to be beautiful.

Life becomes a permanent necessity. But we have to realize that, as migrants, we do not have, and we do not possess, and we do not gather, and we do not 'own'.

We do take care, yes; we take care of the goods, the gifts, what happens through our being, through our doing.

The currents of fear now corner life. They subject it to collections, to property, to possessive and safe ghettos... where clarity, spontaneity, creativity is lost.

Hence the importance of place oneself in this dispersed expansion.

The moments come; the moments come when the being has to bear witness.

And he has to do it without fear, with clarity, with evidence.

The rust is a lot, and it accumulates. But it can be measured and weighed.

Consciousness is infinite.

Does not accumulate. It expands.



La prière que nous réalisons est une prière qui n’est circonscrite à aucune religion. Nous croyons que la prière peut être un instrument Libérateur et Guérissant. La prière a comme référence la Création, les différentes Forces qui nous animent sans leur donner un nom. La croyance que la Prière est un élément indispensable pour nous, elle nous a amené à créer un espace qui lui est exclusivement dédié : « La Maison du Son de la Lumière », c’est un lieu situé dans le Pays Basque, à Vizcaya, dans un hameau. Là bas se réalisent des journées de retraite. « La Maison du Son de la Lumière » ARGI DOINU ETXEA se trouve dans la localité de Ea, Vizcaya (Pays Basque Espagnol). C’est un espace ouvert aux élèves de l’Ecole Neijing, lesquels peuvent demeurer sur place de 1 à 5 jours.


“La Casa del Sonido de la Luz” ARGI DOINU ETXEA se encuentra en la localidad de Ea, Vizcaya. Un espacio abierto para los alumnos de la Escuela Neijing, los cuales pueden realizar estancias de 1 a 5 días.


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