And humanity, in its arrogant fraction, becomes increasingly extensive in its objectives, intentions and proposals, carrying the message to each being that its destiny depends on its sacrifice, obedience, work, profit, power, triumph!

And in that line of dominator... -dominator of the entire environment, but in principle, dominator of humanities-, the arrogance of the fraction of humanity that exploits, persecutes, dominates, controls, the one that draws its conclusions from devastating statistics, always inferior to reality, it shows us a panorama of oppressors and oppressed.

Nothing original, if we review history.

It seems that “you have so much, you are worth so much”, “wanting is power”“you can do everything”… and those long slogans of examples in which one and the other achieved, thanks to their effort, their dedication…

And the millions who also made an effort and dedicated themselves, and did not arrive? And they did not arrive because, between power and servitude, there are selection filters.

There is a “numerus clausus”. And although the rich increase in a small proportion, poverty increases in a large proportion.

In relatively recent times -yes, from a historical perspective- there was... -and there still is, yes, but very camouflaged, very virtual- a so-called “middle class” of humans, who were not servants, were not powerful, but kept the appearance. It was the bourgeoisie that had risen up to be like the monarchs and heirs of thrones and powers; that with their achievements -economic, above all- they managed to be there, gasping to reach the exalted levels of power... intermediaries between the ignorant and exploited servants, and the demand of the powerful, and aspiring -of course- to be more.

That model was interesting, in that you got a house, a car and grass to cut –don't miss the grass, please-; a stable family and... a weekly barbecue.

“American Beauty”. Already extended model.

But vanity! –oh, the vanity!-… that personal arrogance, that deified belief in living in the truth, became slave-like and very yearning to aspire to governing positions.

So, faced with this situation, it became corrupted.

And in their corruption, they became unpleasant, complaining servants. They didn't like anything. They appreciated nothingEverything was bad.

And so they go: progressively contaminating the needy even more. But, without a doubt, a triumph of the powerful, who needed “intermediaries”…; they continue to be so, in some way, but without any possibility of achieving leadership, except in their particular ghettos.

Converted into slavers, the media defend themselves between vulgarity and the abuse of the ignorance of the needy. And so, an elite is really formed... and the rest.

As long as the rest aspire... -because induced and educated they have been- to be elite, nothing is going to change.

Bureaucracy will block any aspiration; it will exhaust any hope.

The punishment will be the reward. Yes.

The person will feel rightly punished for not having achieved, for not having arrived, for not knowing, for not having!...

Perfect extermination plan: feel guilty for not having achieved, for not having had, for not having accomplished. And so, you will live in despair, and justified in being punished.

And you will become a needy ghetto that pines for an unattainable elite: the one that puts the price on the apple you eat; the one that puts a price on the health you have; the one that has bought and sold you several times.

It may seem like a bleak outlook.

That would be the first mistake when contemplating, the Prayer Call warns us. No! No, no, no, no. It is not bleak, nor is it discouraging, nor is it terrible. It is. Let's remove!... let's remove those qualifying adjectives that close the door to any modification: “It's devastating!, it's terrible!” . Yes, and?

Pope Francis publishes an Encyclical in which he lists the horrors of humanity. As if we hadn't realized that hunger is bad, that war is terrible, that prostitution is devastating... And so on, he lists the... as if we hadn't realized! As if with that notice it would make a change.

It is good to realize and see, but not to give it up.

Give it for what it is now.

And the Prayer Call places us in that “now”… and avoids condemning it.

It is the time of supremacy of the species. In a fraction of it, of course.

If we lower the fertility rate, if we increase wars, if we promote illness through permanent stress, if we increase food resources in a manipulative way... we will achieve a notable reduction in individuals -who will logically require fewer resources- and more spaces available for supremacists.

It's not difficult to realize.

Yes. The appearance is devastating, yes. Or –as one would say- “apocalyptic”. That the word is misused, but okay, it is understood; which translates as... “terrible”.

But –at a prayerful level- the Creative Mystery, what it has “designed” –let us understand- for this species, is it... desolation?, is it total destruction? Has life been conceived to be demolished?

  The Prayer Call places us in another disposition, in which we do not judge: we meditate; in which we do not condemn: we contemplate. And that allows us to maintain a position without vanity, without aspirations for power, without security obsessions, without fear of losing.

And configure ourselves into tiny units in which the being is not contaminated with its aspirations; doesn’t become a prejudiced domain claimant. Yes: let it pass as servitude, without being so.

Because being is, really, what one believes. And believing is what one really loves. And loving is what really sets us free.

If we know how to stay in those coordinates, there is no need to fear, to be envious, prejudiced, to judge, or condemn.

We must witness, we must realize, we must be in continued belief, in persevering prayer: that which gives us the liberating perspective.

The egomania of power seeks to convert everything into its model of divine humanity.

It is that mirage of happiness, which is sold and, of course, never satisfied. That is its goal: the creation of insatiable consumers who aspire to be happy.

The Prayer Call calls us to feel like intermediaries of Creation. “Intermediaries” in the sense of coming from her. It calls us to be servants of the invisible, and 'witnesses' of our commitment.

The Prayerful Call demands from us a willingness to find its designs, to evaluate its revelations, to incorporate those “casual” samples... that appear unexpectedly; that most of the time – of course- they disturb the bourgeois peace of mediocrity.

One does not like that the “safety” obtained in the meekness of servitude can be disturbed by an unexpected love, by a surprising discovery, by a revealing idea.

Life, from the perspective of the Creative Mystery, is not a domesticated expression of the material. We are not domestics and slaves. It is not our role to domesticate ourselves.

This is how culture and education are proposed: in domesticating the being, and making him and turning him into... -as politicians say now- into "good men."

“Good”? Of what “good”?

By contemplating, meditating, praying about what is happening, envisioning the universality of the processes, we can acquire the firm resolve that we are not domesticated, that we have not come to be domesticated.

That we are servants of eternities, liberated.

And for this I don't need the gun, the knife, the house, the car, the money... No. I need the consciousness of belief. What I am: a distillation of Eternal Love. “A distillate of Eternal Love.”

You can't buy it, you can't sell it... even if you want to. It cannot be rented, it cannot be lent.

Although these manoeuvres are carried out, the distillate of Love of the Eternal is there: it beats, it palpitates, it sighs. And one does not “want” this or that, but rather feels the love that promotes one.

And thus, the Prayer Call places us in perspectives in which we can give responses –with attitudes, examples, testimonies- to what is happening now.

A “now” that lasts, yes... And that will last a long time if we look at the times, and do not modify our timeless consciousness.

And by leaving it temporary... we become “Gaussian”: we are born, we grow, we develop, we decrease and we disappear.

But pay attention to one thing, please: when you look at the sea... and a wave appears, anyone would say it is a Gaussian curve. It's easy: it grows, it goes up -even some surfer will be on top-, it goes down... and what happens? Does it disappear?

All the seas would be dry by now, right?

No. The wave breaks and collects itself, and returns unexpectedly and in a different way. And it is still the sea, but it has never been Gaussian. It has never been born, grown, developed and disappeared. No. And every time it makes that movement, it gathers itself to make another one that is funnier, more unexpected, more different, with more foam, with more sound, with less...; softer!

The sea makes its life a reflection of the Universe, and becomes eternal in its course.

The ocean of love is a palpitating display of the prayer that reveals to us, that calls us!... so that we may be waves of growing expectation and, in that ocean of Love, we may be exceptional, extraordinary.

No wave is the same as another, but all of them belong to the unity of that immensity that waves in three quarters of our planet...

That leaves us a third of emerging lands, so that we realize, from them, our immortality... and the consciousness of what we are. And, consequently, in that water we are transformed, as complaisant adaptable.

The joy of living resonates in our body, as a sign of the immortal presence of the Creative Mystery.

It is not, to live, a permanent bitter complaint.

It is, to live, an complaisant adaptation: what gives us access to that joy of loving and feeling loved... resonating in a constant liberation!, daily, new, extraordinary, exceptional, unique!



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