And everything begins. And nothing ends.

And starting is not to commence. It was always there.

And starting is not to commence. It always was, and now it manifests itself.

Things happen as if they were our own –as property-.

Projects go by... as if they were achievements.

Tenures go by, as if they were… obligatory, necessary!

Profits go by... like personal achievement. The ego increases and is applauded. And no one is taken into account.

And if the being accommodates itself in its tendencies, its tendencies to secure, appropriate, guarantee itself... if its presence is based on this, it must be permanently alert and alarmed. Because that process is not... it is not a vital cycle, it is a distortion of resources, a disturbance of references. And, consequently one will have to be on the alert to protect one’s achievements, one’s belongings, one’s knowledge, lest someone wants them and takes them away, or kidnaps them.

Thus, there is no rest or peace. There is permanent concern. There are suspicious glances. There is stalking.

And sheepskins are used to cover wolves. Justifications, silences, concealments and half- truths appear.

Yes. All this is... –almost all- known. And it could be redundancy to remember it, to update it. But all this progresses, expands, increases.

And living according to the dictates of Providence becomes increasingly difficult.

Tendencies surround, prevent, criticize...; they besiege the virtuous. They call it useless, poor, old fashioned...

As well as insults to “occurrences”.

Praying is not supported by science.

It has no scientific basis, the Providential.

Life is a grid, and that's it!

Any approach without squares and corners is inappropriate, inadequate for the current time.

And, furthermore, the expansion of the alarm in search of security spreads and is contagious.

And it causes the believer to doubt.

And it makes faith debated. And even, “disputes of faith”.

And it comes to the arrogance of asking: “Where was the Creative Mystery, when the dramas...?” Like when 800,000 in Rwanda, Hutus and Tutsis, hacked to death with machetes. "Where was it?".

And we also ask ourselves: “Where were those who could radically prevent that massacre that has been going on for 30 years?” For example.

Of course! It's Africa. It’s…. Bah!

Where was it? There. It was there. To show the ignominy of which beings are capable, when they become blinded by their radicalisms, their absolutisms, their nationalisms. When they become the absorbed possessor of truth and life! Yes. There it was.

Our mysterious genesis and our permanent providence seem to spare no obvious resources.

Lao Tzu said: “Heaven treats men like straw dogs”. He did not want, with this, to despise our permanence, but to highlight our misfortunate behaviours.

And if we are able to see beyond the moment, beyond the drama... and the terror and the horror, we will see that little by little it was being forged, it was brewing, promoting and developing.

And then we will see how there were opportunities for virtue, there were moments of clarity, there were options to change. But -but!- powers of annihilation were more evident, as a response and as a remedy... to assess, to harmonize, to balance.

And so, racism developed: “Let's wipe out microbes!”. “Let's put an end to the thistles!”. “Don't let the trees obstruct our gaze”. “Don’t let the waters overwhelm us”. “Let’s abolish the darkness! Let's put more light". “Let’s take over the natural rhythms, the ancient rhythms, undesirable! Let’s aspire to the future with the achievements of our personal efforts”.

And that is the way the species is going: cleansing itself of parasites, without recognizing that it is parasitic.

Isolating itself in its resources, without realizing that those it has as its own belong to everyone.

And so it is that if in the present, actively!, we exercise ourselves in the face of the situation where they want to take us, and we know how to adapt and to integrate to the trends, with the clear idea of spiritual encouragement, without shame, without handicap, with gallantry that comes from knowing that you are an inhabitant of infinity...

We accept the reasoning as valid, under criteria and references called “truths” which, as we see in the course of it, many turn out to be wrong, false.

The same thing happens with logic and customs.

Everything is renewable, reviewable, re-thinkable. And this is how we prevent dogmas from being established, rigidities from being imposed and, consequently, strength, power and profit from being the drivers of our presence.

And simultaneously -yes- we feel that... sensation? emotion? affection? attraction? It's not like one number that adds to another and gives... It's not an equation. It is not a cause and effect. It's something more complex, in... in...

Yes. We cannot keep the “in” as something internal, but it is something that we do not master. It seems like they were sensations from another dimension.

We try to understand why we are attracted to this or that, why we like this or that food more, and we enter the lagoon of ignorance.

The senses give us information about the environment; but, when they become feelings, they give us providential information, which we must process, because it is intermingled among the interested information.

Hence many feelings are false, wrong, inadequate.

Yes. The eagerness for being protagonist, the personalist eagerness, helped by the environment, creates sensations that are not providential, that are not emanations of the Invisible, but are apparent... architectures! 

Yes. The being, in its customary, absolutist and racist rationalism, has been creating criteria of beauty, of harmony, of... "truths" -in short-, and has created affections, attractions, wants!, possessions... that may seem or jingle like “loves”, but then, when they pass, they quickly dissolve in dispute, in incongruity, in...

In short, in the competition for command and power. They were not loves. They were not providential instances.

They were manipulations of wants and feelings; or, rather: of the wants that posed as feelings, to dominate and control.

Again the image of feeling “Creator”, “God”…

Yes. Yes. It is also a time of feelings, of mysterious feelings... and of false feelings. Falsities, lies, which are the arrogance of achievements, which are the petulance of dominion.

And lo and behold here, the being is found between absolutist radicalism of a square life, which creates illusions, fantasies and desires... that try to replace Providence, that try to create... and make us believers in what is not really Creation, but is a crude apparent imitation.

As if it were a fracture, the being is really immobilized by two planks: the rational, logical and understandable, and the emotional, manipulable and controllable.

And the stilling; the stilling of the fracture, depending on the Mystery. Because neither of the two powers manage to resolve. It stills. It leads us to stillness. And from it, to a serene indifference that allows us to perceive the transcendent feeling: that indissoluble love; without belongings.

I don't need to have or possess. My being and way to be proclaim themselves in the reference of a permanent, unfathomable, but evident Creation.



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